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Notice unusual marketplace activity? Both furniture sliders and furniture protection pads are intended to protect furniture legs from damaging flooring. Furniture sliders are specifically made for gliding items across floors during moving, rearranging, or cleaning; they donrsquo;t have glue or adhesive and can be reused. Furniture protection pads, also called ldquo;floor protectors,rdquo; use adhesive to attach to furniture legs and canrsquo;t be reused. On moving day, whip your new home into shape with Scotch Sliders. Designed to help you effortlessly move heavy furniture, tuck these furniture sliders beneath furniture legs and move your furniture to the perfect spot. These furniture gliders help extend the life of your carpet and rugs by protecting them from damage and scratches. While best for heavy furniture lifter mover carpet, these furniture coasters accommodate all types of flooring in your home. Whether you're moving a couch, dresser, or bed, move your furniture quickly and easily with Scotch Sliders.-Package Contents: 4/pk